Teltour – Mattausch-Park

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The August-Mattausch-Park on the historic market grounds on Jahnstraße became a citizens’ park in 2006. The design in which many Teltow citizens and actors of the city’s Local Agenda had collaborated, is based on its historical predecessor Volkspark (peoples’ park), which the city fathers had commissioned at the same location in the beginning of the 20th century.

The basic colour scheme of the flowers was yellow at the time Peoples’ parks had been very fashionable in larger German cities between 1919 and 1933. This suggests that for Teltow the beginning industrial development also benefited the city financially. At the time, the Volkspark was intended to “serve the enjoyment of fresh air” as well as the “refinement of manners”.

In 1986, a market with kiosk rows for KONSUM, Handelsorganisation (HO) and Bäuerliche Handelsgenossenschaft (farmers trade association) had been established on the park grounds; there were spring festivals and Christmas markets. After 18 years the market was closed again, but the May Day Festival remained.

In 2010 the Bürgerpark (citizens’ park) was named after August Mattausch, the designer and sculptor who worked in Teltow at the beginning of the 20th century. Surrounded by trees, the August-Mattausch-Park is once again a place of activity for all generations. The various sections, such as the children’s playgrounds, sports, stage, flower beds and seating area, are connected in an arch and form a seamless transition to Puschkinplatz (Pushkin Square).

A boules court is planned under the large oak tree.