TELTOUR – Oldest House

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The inscription above the door of the house reads:

“After the small town Telto had been completely turned into ashes on 16. June 1711 in the afternoon at 6 o’clock within 3 to 4 hours, sadly with church, schools and town hall as well as gate houses except for 4 houses, Herr Johann Christoff Bürger, barber in Telto, and his circle and (that) of his wife Johanna Eleonora Bürgerin born Meyerin has rebuilt this house from its foundations with good peoples’ help, whom God may repay abundantly, and which God may bless for a long time as its inhabitants and above all fatherly protect from all damage.”

These sentences are the earliest reference to the house at Hoher Steinweg 13, but the phrase “rebuilt from its foundations” suggests that another one had already stood here before the fire. After the fire of 1711, a five-axes house with half-timbered walls and a roof hipped at both gables was erected.

The list of owners, registered since 1711, shows that this former gardener’s estate had been used by many alternating craftsmen’s workshops. Around 1806, a short side wing was added along today’s Alte Potsdamer Straße, forming a separate residential building.

In the entrance area of Hohen Steinweg 13, Franz Renner owned a small tobacco shop from 1926 to 1965.

Oldest house, Collection Heimatverein Teltow

The farmstead Hoher Steinweg 13/(Alte) Potsdamer Str. 1 was inhabited until the early 1980s, at times by up to 15 persons in five families. After that, the house remained abandoned for several years and was in danger of falling into disrepair. Since 1986, it is registered as a historical monument in the list of monuments of the former county (Landkreis) and is regarded as the oldest burgher house (Bürgerhaus) of the town. A special feature is the attic (Zwerchhaus); here the half-timbered building method was not altered, so one can presume the oldest building substance on the upper floor.

In order to preserve the listed building, the town began securing the foundations and the roof in 1987. After a complete renovation and partial restoration between 1990 and 1993, the local history museum (Heimatmuseum) of Teltow was housed here. In some spots in the rooms, wall plastering was deliberately avoided in order to show old structures. The side wing was removed after 1994.