TELTOUR – Harbor

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The Teltow Marina was inaugurated in May 2019. However, Teltow had already been a harbour town in the first half of the 20th century. With the opening of the Teltow Canal in 1906, a public harbour was built at the end of Badstraße, just a few metres east of the Teltow Local History Museum (Heimatmuseum Teltow). In the following 40 years, this harbour promoted the establishment of industry in the region – it may even have made it possible.

Initially, the port worked for three years without a railway junction, but as early as 1909 the Teltow industrial railway connected the port with the Teltow railway station 3 km away, today’s regional railway station Teltow.

Alter Teltower Hafen, Foto: O.Semler, 1914

The port handled building materials, coal and raw products for the factories. By 1928, its brisk use required a remodeling and renewal of the facilities, and an electric grab slewing crane was erected in addition to the existing steam cranes.

Until World War II, the barges were pulled by electric towing locomotives. However, war-related damages to the bridges, tramway tracks and overhead lines were so severe that they were no longer repaired after the war but gradually dismantled.

Those interested in the remains of the old harbour can find two 60 cm high buffer stops in the middle of the vegetation east of the Badstraße, just a few metres from the canal bank, which marked the western end of the crane track. About 40 m to the east one can see a piece of the crane’s runway concrete foundation, another buffer stop, and the remnant of an industrial railway rail. In the vicinity, kerbstones, cobbled paths and stumps of towing railway masts also remind us of the times when Teltow had a harbour with a railway connection.